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a new product 

JM Studios/ Artisan Co. LLC 

Story Title


Conduct and project manage a pre-MVP user research with the goal of validating user need, market fit and scoping user requirements for an MVP  to create a new platform for Food Content Creators.


User Survey

User Interviews

Market Research

Affinity Diagram

User Persona 



Value Proposition


         For this project, I was the Project Manager and Lead UX Researcher. A completely new, blue sky type project, the objective was to find if there was a need in the market for a new platform/product for Food Content Creators, what the platform/product would solve and what type of platform/product it would be. I discussed with my team what methodologies would be best to use, time frame and tools. Once decided, I presented the scope of works to the stakeholder and we started our work. 

         We prepared the user survey- to gather quantitative data and chose the users we would interview who met our participant screener criteria. Once selected, we reached out to the users through email and their social media accounts, to schedule a time that best fit them. I was particularly excited for this part, I love being able to have a more personal touch and connect with users. In the meantime, we researched platforms and products that would potentially be our competitors. Learning their policies, what they offered and what were their limitations. The food content creators interviewed ranged from BBQ dads that call themselves Sauce King to the likes of Martha Stewart (we were not successful in getting an interview, but hey, why not try?). I was able to reach multiple Creators from all over the world- the Scottish Islands, Norway, India, and a couple nationwide. I used Zoom to connect and record our interviews. Due to pandemic restrictions, we used online ethnography- joining facebook groups for content creators and recording our findings. 

         With our quantitative and qualitative research concluded, we dissected our findings using an affinity diagram in order to see recurring problems and pain points. With this information we were able to create our user personas, our MVP and the value proposition.

THE result 

I prepared a research report  with our findings and presented it to  the Stakeholder them to decide how to proceed.