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Easy, Breezy 


Adding a feature to improve an already existing app 


Banking apps are not the most creative or visually pleasing apps but their functionality, ease and efficiency should be priorities since it's dealing with something that affects the user directly: their money. Users need to understand and feel safe with an app that deals with something so crucial, and yet, we find ourselves frustrated while using banking apps to its most basic of actions: checking our balance, transferring money and seeing transactions. But, what if it was possible to do more complicated transactions right from the app? Moving bills and recurring payments to another account without having contact the original vendor? What about putting a stop payment on a duplicate automatic transaction without having to call your bank and keep jamming 0 to talk to a human?


Who's this for?

Users who  want to have a transparent and organized view in their finances but are too busy to log onto multiple websites to allocate the correct account.

The Problem?

Customers need a way to properly allocate recurring transactions into separate accounts directly from the bank app without having to log onto the online platform of the service provider.

The Solution?

Integrate a feature in which the user can select specific transactions and seamlessly transfer them to another account for recurring payments.


According to Statista, 57 Million people are mobile banking users with 86% of the them using the bill payment feature. That's a lot of people. 

To get insight on what type of experience the users were having I sent out a survey.


My next step in the process was to define the Jobs To Be Done. What did the user need to get done? How could I make this happen efficiently and swiftly? What feelings did this evoke on the user? Why? These were questions I had in mind as I created the JTBD:

“When a user wants to have a better understanding and control of their finances so they can save money by properly allocating the correct amount of money in the designated accounts”





With the JBTD defined, the next step is to create the user flow for the app, how the user would navigate and achieve the intended goal of the added feature. The flow shown below is a user switching a recurring payment transaction from her Expenses account to her Bills account so she can then properly track her expenses and monthly bills. With six easy steps the switch between Expenses to Bills is done.



My data and research was now complete, the next thing on the list was the hi-fi prototype. After analyzing the UI of the application, I modified and added my own set of buttons to create the added feature functionality. With this, I had to create an atomic design library of my buttons and navigation bar  to stay in line with BofA's current design components, colors, and typography



This project was very enjoyable. I liked being able to work with an existing design system and enhancing a product.  I still have many more enhancements in mind that would improve the effectiveness of the app and solve users problems. One of them would be defining the logo/icons of the transactions placed so you can see at a glance what company charged whichever amount as well as having a tab in which you can see your subscriptions in a list and how much money you’ve paid for in the span of 6 months to a year. This would create more fiscal awareness for the user.

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